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HighGarth Lily Rose's Litter

Lily Rose and Buzz

Lily Rose in the Wood

Lily Rose stands, 22 January, 2006
Eighteen days before WhelpDay
Photo by Kate Fulkerson

Lily Rose Anticipates Puppies

Question: How many puppies! Who knows?

HighGarth Lily Rose
BISS/BIS Aquarius Center Court Delight (Buzz)

bring seven pups to HighGarth on 9 February, 2006

Puppy Update, Sunday, 12 February, 2006, 19:55

HighGarth Labradors is happy to welcome new canine life into the world. On February 9 HighGarth Lily Rose (Lily) and Aquarius Center Court Delight (Buzz) produced five beautiful black girls and two handsome black boys. All weighed at least 16 ounces, with several weighing more. All are now quite vigorous and gaining weight under the expert tending of Lily and her human helpers.

WhelpWise provided obstetric services, monitoring uterine contractions and providing advice about medications and procedures by telephone. WhelpWise also guided us through a new and highly effective resuscitation procedure for the last girl puppy. Using this procedure, we were able to assist her breathing until she was able to breathe without help.

First we suctioned her mouth with a bulb, then very softly breathed into her mouth, and then turned her on her belly in our hand. We then gently moved her rear forward like an accordion so that her diaphragm was pushed up, causing her to expel air with a tiny grunt. We repeated this sequence until she was breathing on her own.

Clearly this "accordion maneuver" is less traumatic and more successful than the old method of resuscitation by swinging puppies from a height. We are deeply grateful to WhelpWise for their calm and clear instructions.

In an informal note, Kate adds:

The sounds of little contented nursers is music to my ears.


Lily Rose kisses Kiss Me Kate

Lily Rose gives Kate a kiss
Photo by Conrad Fulkerson

Buzz Takes Best of Breed at Westminster

Wednesday, 15 February, 2006, 07:09

Lily Rose actually left her litter last night to watch Westminster Kennel Club. She sat with us for the entire Sporting Dog competition. Previously she had not left the litter except to potty and eat.

And there he was! Aquarius Center Court Delight (Buzz), the sire of her litter, representing Labs as Best of Breed for the Sporting Group competition. He didn't win Group but was full of himself and enjoying the show.

I think Lily liked what she saw and then she spontaneously went back to her litter. Up until last night, she had never seen more than a picture of Buzz (which she had walked over and spontaneously kissed).


Lily's Motherhood

Wednesday, 15 February, 2006, 07:55

My babies are all gaining weight at a phenomenal rate. The littlest one who had trouble with the whelping is exactly as [Jenette] predicted, a feisty one.

Lily Rose is a very attentive mother, after a slow start. She gets really worried if we take a puppy out of the whelping box. I had to sit in the whelping box in order to clip toenails for the first time. If we put them in a warming box, she takes them out again and puts them back with her. Weighing must be mighty quick! [grin!]


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Lily and Buzz: Puppies
Whelped 9 February, 2006

by Kate Fulkerson

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Lily Rose's 2006 Puppies

Grandmother Winnie helps Mother Lily Rose

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