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Gentle Ben the Pit Bull

Fulkerson School of Canine Behavior

Gentle Ben

Teaches the Fulkerson School

Rehabilitating an Aggressive Dog

Gentle Ben

Gentle Ben looks up
at the camera
Photo by HighGarth

Gentle Ben came home with me

After following me home, Ben bit me. Now, he no longer has to bite his humans.

At one time I thought that if dogs missed appropriate experiences early in their development, they couldn't learn later what they had missed.

But then some dogs taught me I was wrong. (Well, I had been right until I learned how to intervene more successfully in canine development gone astray.)

Through the great patience of two dogs in particular, I learned how to retrain or rehabilitate dogs who missed some critical pieces of their early learning. I took each of these dogs when they were a year old.

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